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Todd & Julene Diedrich

Burundi, East Africa

God has been preparing us for this opportunity to serve in Burundi, for many years. Todd has a strong business, leadership and college professor background which he will be able to use in Burundi to help establish a Bible school. Julene is a nurse practitioner and her skills will allow her to do medical outreaches in the areas where church plants will occur. In addition, we will be joining a team of other missionaries who will be working to train children and youth pastors as well as directly ministering to both youth and children. Burundi is the second poorest country of the world. The average income for a year is $648. Civil war from 1995 to 2005 left the country with a very young population. Approximately 45% of the population is 14 years of age or younger. Reaching children will be key in changing the beliefs of this young nation. Leaving the security of friends, family, and finances tests one’s commitment to God. Be obedient is our journey’s theme and we know God will honor our obedience. Recognizing we must be submissive to God’s calling propels us to move forward. We are eager to meet you and build long-lasting friendships and relationships. The prospect of building a community of prayer, encouragement, and financial partners through our journey of obedience is exciting and rewarding. Pray for us as we continue our itineration. 

Meet Our World Missionaries

We do not include information that will identify Missionaries serving in sensitive areas.

Please contact the Missions Department for a complete list.

Biffert photo 3 copy

Gloria Biffert

Democratic Republic of Congo
Itinerating 8-2020 to 8-11-2021
Buckleys sq3

David & Karmi Buckley

Hungary- Europe.
Itinerating 8-1-2021 to 8-2022
CLose Darrins2020

Troy & Heidi Darrin

Moldova, Eurasia
Itinerating - 2-2021 to 2-1-2022
Todd and Julene Cropped(FINAL)

Todd & Julene Diedrich

Burundi Africa
Pre- Field Itineration to April 2022
Eytzen sq

Dale & Delight Eytzen

Latin America- Caribbean
Itineration - November 2024
Grams sq 1

Rocky & Sherri Grams

Argentina - Latin America-Caribbean
Itineration - March 2022

Aaron & Winnie Horvat

Itineration Sept. 2023

John & Anita Koeshall

GLOBAL Resource - Germany
Itineration - March 2022

Mark & Heather McKinstry

Spain - Europe
Itineration - 5-2021 to 9-2021
makenzie muehler

Makenzie Muehler

Northern Ireland - Europe

Wendy & Jeremy Osborne

Ukraine - Eurasia
Itineration- 9-30-2020 to 9-2021

Jon & Marissa Paulsen

Burundi - Africa
Itineration 5-2021 to 10-2021
Pierquet2021 copy

Paul & Christine Pierquet

Ukraine - Eurasia
Itineration - October 2024

Brandon & Rachel Powell

Thailand - Asia Pacific
Furlough Aug to Nov.-Itineration Nov. 2021 to Nov.2, 2022

Rebekah Reed

Itineration - April 2023
Reschke_3 v1 copy

Nate & Trissa Reschke & Children

Toga- Africa
Pre-Field 4/2020 to 04/2022

Shawn & Carolina Sislo

Mexico - Latin America
Itineration - September 2023
J & N July 2020

Joe & Noemi Szabo

Itineration - 10-2020 to 10-2021

Our Foreign Missions Operating Board

The Foreign Missions Operating Board serves an important role within our Network. In addition to meeting to talk Missions strategy and vision, they assist in interviewing new potential candidates for World Missions. Every new applicant is required to interview with the FMOB before continuing the application process with Assemblies of God World Missions in Springfield, MO.

Joe Dokken

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Eric Jackson

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Mike & Nikki Murray

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David Thomassen

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Jerauld Rekow

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Cliff Cameron

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Kirk Gerbers

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Shawn Hardie

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Tanto Husain

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