Kirk & Sandi Brown

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Kirk and Sandi Brown are both A/G ministers serving as missionary chaplains to foster care in the Wisconsin Northern Michigan district.  Prior to being missionaries, Kirk was an A/G pastor for over 24 years, with 11 years served in Tomah, Wisconsin.  God had been preparing them for their role as missionaries to foster care, starting with the way their family was put together.  In 2007, they were able to adopt three children out of the foster care system and this stirred their hearts greatly for the needs with foster care.

Seeing the great need for foster care ministry, they followed God’s call to become foster care missionaries in 2022.  They formed “Bridges of Hope”, which seeks to build bridges between the church and the foster care agencies.  Their largest ministry focus is on the youth aging out of the system.  These youth typically are going through life with little or no support system and have the odds stacked against them.  Kirk and Sandi desire to see the church help these youth build a bridge to a successful life…and to show the youth that they have HOPE and a FUTURE.  Additionally, they are a resource to churches throughout our district to aid them in starting or growing their foster care ministries.  They are based in Madison, Wisconsin and are available to be a resource to any church looking to learn more about getting involved!

US Missions

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Adult Teen Challenge

Milwaukee, WI
Adult & Teen Challenge provides Christian faith-based, residential care to young people and adults who struggle with life-controlling problems.

Assembly Park

Lake Nebagamon, WI
Assembly Park is a year-round facility ideal for retreats, camps, conferences, group picnics, family reunions, bonquets, weddings and much much more!


A chaplaincy ministry is the invitation to pastor a group of people outside church walls. Like Jesus’ ministry in houses and streets and hillsides, you will be shoulder to shoulder with people in the moments they need His hope and truth.

Chi Alpha

Joshua Ernst
Chi Alpha | ΧΑ, is an international and interdenominational student Christian Fellowship on college campuses. Sponsored by Chi Alpha Campus Ministries and local churches, it is open to college students of all backgrounds

Church Mobilization

Church Mobilization has 4 main areas of ministries including, Church Development, Church Projects, Church Teams and RV Volunteers.
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City on a Hill

Art Serna
City on a Hill transforms cities and families by restoring hope, enhancing the quality of life, and advancing justice for all generations.

Deaf Culture

Over thirty million Americans age twelve and older have some hearing loss in both ears, with American Sign Language the primary language tool for approximately five hundred thousand people.
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Foster Care

AG Foster Care Network can connect your church leadership to ministries that can guide you to help solve the foster care crisis in your community. We want to see every church and every person doing something
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Intercultural missionaries take time to learn about what makes each person or group unique, so they can help them discover their value as members of the body of Christ, created in God’s image.
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Special Touch

Deb Chivers
Special Touch Ministry provides lots of opportunities for people with disabilities to experience God, be included in the church, and build meaningful relationships with caring believers

Spencer Lake

Waupaca, WI
Spencer Lake is a year-round facility ideal for retreats, camps, conferences, group picnics, family reunions, bonquets, weddings and much much more!

Youth Alive

Youth Alive® assists churches to... ...mobilize students to reach other students! ...empower churches to connect with their local schools! Youth Alive® simply believes that every student and every school matters!
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